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Dr. Garcia, author of Guiding Personal Source, is the creator and founder of GarciaEnnergetics, an alternative modality which builds upon the concepts of energetic neutrality to heal, both the physical and spiritual bodies alike. He is a world renowned medical intuitive and medium known for his awe inspiring transformations and harmonizing that he has conducted in person and remotely throughout the world over the past twenty-five years.


During a phone or remote-session, Hector will scan or check into your energy field or biofield structure and in doing so, will assist the body to release and enable it to activate it’s own healing ability.


How does distant healing work?


When Hector connects with the vibratory energy signature of his client and in connection with higher spiritual guidance, he sees, knows and operates within the energetic field, shifting blocks and initiating healing energy from source.


Dr. Garcia has nurtured his intuitive gifts from an early age and it has led him to the realization of his dreams of helping others. He has honed his gifts and studied deeply the concepts and modalities that make up the field of alternative forms of healing, only to find many to be unclear, or too prolonged, prompting him to develop his own method and manifestation of the gifts he possesses. This method became, GarciaEnnergetics, a method he utilizes daily in his own practice.


In his private practice, Dr. Garcia has earned the trust and admiration of many, including professional athletes, rock stars, movie stars, billionaires, best-selling authors, and countless others from all walks of life.


Dr. Garcia has been in practice in San Diego, California for over 25 years, only taking time aside to teach and develop further the ways in which lives can be transformed and elevated through “Innergetic” neutrality.


Dr. Garcia is available for in-office appointments as well as phone sessions. To 

schedule an appointment, please call his office at (858) 450-9221.

Scheduling your next Remote Session is easy!

Click the link below to view booking options.

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