Soul Integration (S3) November 14-15, 2020

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Dr. Hector E. Garcia, D.C., a medical intuitive, medium, psychic and holistic chiropractor, will be teaching you and sharing with you a transformational intuitive seminar. He will teach you how to create endless possibilities for yourself and for others.


Dr. Garcia will discuss how to:

Journey through the veil

Have Knowingness

Be Neutral and in the “Now Moment”

Guidance through spirit

Treatment in the moment

Multi-Self soul testing

And much more!


WHEN: Nov. 14-15, 2020

TIME: 10:00am-5:00pm

Class Sign in is at 9:30am on the first day of class.

LOCATION: GarciaEnnergetics Headquarters

                   5850 Oberlin Dr. STE 320

                   San Diego, CA 92121



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