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Mastery Class (M1) To Be Announced

Mastery Class (M1) To Be Announced


To Avoid Shipping Charges 

Select "Attending Workshop" as your shipping method for this class.

Cost: $1150.00* Door price   

*Plus $35 Processing Fee

  • Cancelation Policy

    All class fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. If 
    you cancel within 10 days of the class date or if you are a 
    "No-Show," a $35.00 fee will be assessed. Any cancellation request
    made earlier than 10 days of the class date will receive a 
    credit towards the SAME class for up to 1 year from the 
    cancellation date. In the rare occurrence that a class and 
    or workshop is cancelled or that a class and or workshop is 
    changed from its specified location, "GarciaEnnergetics" 
    accepts no responsibility for any travel or other expenses 
    incurred by the registrant. 

  • Class Info

    To Participate in this Class, it is required that you are a Certified Practitioner. PLEASE SEE PRACTITIONER CERTIFICATION GUIDELINES

    Due to possible temperature shifts in the room we recommend you bring a jacket or coat if you get cold easily. 
    *All Class Fees Non-Refundable

    **IMPORTANT NOTE: To Avoid Any Duplicate Charges to Your Account When Purchasing Your Reservation for This Class, Please Click Only Once on Any "Checkout, Submit, Purchase, etc." Button. We Are Not Responsible for ANY Duplicate Charges due to User Error. Any Refunds Requested within 10 days due to User Error/Multiple Failed Credit Card Purchase Attempts/Duplicate Purchases will incur in a $35 processing fee to your account. NO EXCEPTIONS***

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