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Hands-on, Educational Workshops


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Intuitive Mind Integration (S1)
Intro and Beginner Workshop
--- 3 Day Event ---
All are welcome, No Experience Necessary.

In this one of a kind class you will learn the history of and techniques created by

Dr. Hector E. Garcia, D.C. which became the Garcia Ennergetics Method.


Dr. Garcia will introduce and teach you how to create endless possibilities for yourself and others.



Topics covered in this class include:

  • Empowering your own intuitive abilities

  • Learning tools to clear intuitive blocks

  • Scanning and tracking energy patterns,

  • Learn how to pinpoint what is causing the body's imbalances.

  • Identify different energies

  • Resolve energetic deficiencies and much more.

  • With this training you can blend what other modalities you already know.

  • And Much More!

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Body + Mind Integration (S2)
Intermediate Workshop
--- 2 Day Event ---
Open only to Students who have previously attended Intuitive Mind Integration (S1).

In this intermediate class Dr. Garcia will discuss and teach advanced techniques of Garcia Ennergetics as well as how S1 and S2 are applied together in harmony.


Techniques Dr. Garcia Will Also Teach include:

  • Learning to locate expressions or triggers that influence & affect the body

  • Accessing other planes and dimensions

  • Identifying energy grids on specific organs and body systems

  • Identifying DNA & cell memory energy grids

  • Unlocking blocks with Energetic Codes

  • Transforming to get what you want, need, & deserve

  • Advancing your healing work to a higher level

  • And much more!

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Sect 3 info
Soul Integration (S3)
Advanced Workshop
--- 2 Day Event ---
Open only to Students who have previously attended Intuitive Mind Integration (S1).
Attending (S2) Body+Mind Integration Prior is highly recommended but not required.

This is Dr. Garcia's most advanced class covering new topics and how to perform and apply all Sections of Garcia Ennergetics together and share this method universally.


For best comprehension of these advanced techniques and how they are performed and applied we highly recommend that students attend (S2) Body+Mind Integration

prior to (S3) Soul Integration


Dr. Garcia Will Discuss How To:

  • Journey through the veil

  • Have Knowingness

  • Be Neutral and in the “Now Moment”

  • Guidance through spirit

  • Treatment in the moment

  • Multi-Self soul testing

  • And much more!

Starry Sky
Mastery Class (M1)
Professional Workshop
--- 2 day Event ---

Open only to Students who have previously attended Intuitive Mind Integration (S1), Body+Mind Integration (S2) and Soul Integration (S3). 

Dr. Hector Garcia will teach you how to empower your abilities you learned in all three previous workshops, awaken and tap into your unlimited potential.

Dr. Garcia Will Discuss How To:

  • Learn to apply advanced spiritual techniques

  • Space-Time Time-Space holograms

  • Connect to source-self and Celestial realms

  • Ennergetic upgrading to higher frequencies

  • Awaken the avatar within & more

Mastery Class
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